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What is a Bodkin and How Is It Used in Corset Making?

What is a Bodkin and How Is It Used in Corset Making?

What is a bodkin and how is it used in corset making? A super quick blog post but hopefully, a very helpful one!

Have you ever heard of or used a bodkin? There are different types of bodkins but the one I’m referring to today is like a large hand sewing needle. If you have ever used a safety pin to pull elastic through a waistband, well, a bodkin can get the job done much easier and faster. The same goes for using a bodkin for corsetry.

Again, a bodkin is a needle-like tool that looks like an oversize hand sewing needle, and it is used to help lace up a corset. It is not only helpful but also greatly reduces the time it takes to lace up a corset. All you do is feed one end of your lace through the eye, leaving about a 1” tail. Then you feed the bodkin through each eyelet. See picture below.

Corset history – Women used to place bodkins in their hair to keep them close at hand. This has led to a decorative type of hairpin bodkin that does not include the eye but often has a small jewel hanging off the end.

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