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How to Fix an Underwire Bra in Seconds

How to Fix an Underwire Bra in Seconds

Picture this: You’re having a total mental breakdown because the underwire on your favorite bra has ripped through the fabric and/or the channeling of your bra. I’m sure you’re not the first or the last person this has happened to. It also may not be the first time the underwire has bursted through your. So annoying because you’ve spent a lot of money or time sewing it. Learn how to fix it this simple method – literally takes seconds. All you need is some moleskin. It will save your bra, your day and possibly your life (lol).

What is moleskin? Some people call it moleskin, others call it mole padding. Same thing. People use it to cushion their corns and things like that on their feet. You can purchase it on Amazon, Target, or any drug store.

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First, push the underwire back inside the channeling. Then cut off a piece of moleskin that is slightly bigger than the opening/hole. Peel the backing off and place it on the opening/hole. Give it a nice squeeze to adhere the glue to the fabric. That’s it! It seems too easy – I know! – but the adhesive is very sticky and tacky and becomes more so as you wash and wear it.

Have you ever tried this before?

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