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Introducing the Madalynne X Simplicity 9478

Introducing the Madalynne X Simplicity 9478

I’ve been living in pandemic land for a year and a half. I am, and have been, sick of comfy athleisure since, well, the beginning – March 2020. There was a time and place for it, when we were on full lock down with no where to go. And there still is a time and place for it, but I’m ready to get jazzed up. I’ve been rediscovering the joy of dressing up and filling my wardrobe, including lingerie, with vivid colors, prints, and textures. Bring it on! My newest pattern with Simplicity, the 9478 bra and panty, is a reflection of this mood. It’s a detailed, intricate bra and matching panty that will elevate your top drawer and lingerie game. Let’s get to the details…


View A is a longline bra/bralette that features an optional decorative lace overlay. The bra/bralette cups have a vertical seams to accommodate larger cup sizes, and a decorative picot elastic along the center front neckline and armhole edges. The front frame has a v wire separator at the center. There is optional shallow demi underwires and boning, which is why is can be both a bralette (without the shallow demi underwire) or a bra (with the shallow demi underwire).

View B and C are mid rise panties with matching decorative picot elastic at the waistline and leg openings. The decorative picot elastic was custom made so that it was soft enough to use on a panty, but supportive enough to be used on a bra.


The 9478 bra/bralette is available in sizes XS-4XL and cup sizes A/B, C/D, E/F, G/H and the panty is available in sizes XS-4XL. What makes this pattern different from previous Madalynne X Simplicity patterns is that it was graded using Madalynne’s grader. So the 9478 pattern sizing is similar to your favorite other Madalynne patterns, such as the Maris, Lawren, Fenix, Roxie.

You love the 9478 and want it, but have doubts about it fitting your full bust or plus size body? Here are some common questions and answers that came up during testing.

How to add support for E cups? The pattern was drafted to be made with stretch fabrics for both the main and lining. For larger sizes, it is suggested to use power net lining to add more support than in standard stretch mesh. Katie, pictured above, measures 42-43″ for her full bust and 34″ for her ribcage. She is wearing a size XL E/F cup and her bra is lined with power net. She looks supported, right? But let’s say that you’re an E/F or G/H cup and want even more support than power net. You can use sheer cup lining, which offer maximum support. So even if the pattern suggests a stretch fabric for the main and lining, a non stretch main and linng can be used. I will be going over adjustments that need to be made if you are going to make this switch on Madalynne’s YouTube channel.

Will the V wire separator work on plus sizes? First of all, the V wire separator hits at a spot where there isn’t a lot of flesh/skin/fat on any size. Second, the V wire separator is not serving as a main supportive element, so it will work regardless of size. Support in a bra comes from mostly the band (85%). The band should be snug and feel tight underneath the breast root and all the way around the torso. This is true for ANY bra to do its job. Also, a wider band or frame will lay flatter and anchor better than a thin band because there is more surface area for the band to hug onto the body and stay in place. The 9478 is a long line, which means it has a wider band, which means it is more supportive! Yay! 

Why is the boning and shallow demi underwire optional? I like to create patterns with standard support and offer options to increase support. Both the boning and shallow demi underwires are add on’s, but it isn’t needed for everyone. A person who is an XS A/B cup or even C/D cup might not need or want this.

Can the long line accommodate full busts that tend to spill out the middle? The V underwire should not be where your breasts are. It’s underneath. If you’re spilling out, that’s an issue with the bra cups, not the v wire.


There are five- yes five!- DIY kits available. It’s so important for me to set you up for success and part of that is having the right fabric and supplies. We worked with our elastic vendor to make a special decorative picot elastic that could be used for both the bra/bralette and panty without compromising comfort or support.

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Heck yes! You know how I roll. There will be a full sew along on Madalynne’s YouTube channel beginning January. Be sure to subscribe!

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