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Make A Corset Dress

Make A Corset Dress

Make a corset dress using the Madalynne X Simplicity S9974!

This dress – the Madalynne X Simplicity S9974 *fashion* corset dress variation with a lace up front – is going to be my #hotgirlsummer outfit for 2024! I currently have 3 cut out for myself. I tend to get obsessed with a pattern and make multiples. The term *fashion* is used because this style does not have any reduction. There is ease built into the pattern. You can learn more about corsets and reduction in this short video.

For the most part, the sewing of this dress follows the instructions. This blog post covers the variation for lace up front. For all other sewing steps for the S9974, refer to the pattern instructions or watch the full sew along on Madalynne’s YouTube channel.

Pattern Alterations: I used View A bodice (pattern pieces #1-6) for this dress variation and combined the Shoulder Tab (pattern piece #8) and Middle Front (pattern piece #2). I go over this alteration more in depth in the S9974 sew along. I also cut the Peplum Front (pattern piece #15) as a rectangle.


  1. Cut 2 strips of fabrics that are 2.5” wide and long enough to cover the length of Front (pattern piece #1). Ensure to line strips with a strength layer such as coutil so that they will be thick enough for the eyelets.
  2. Fold the strips in half and lay them over the Front (pattern piece #1). Cut at top and bottom so that the ends of the strips are the same angle/shape at the bodice.
  3. Mark and add eyelets.
  4. Add eyelets.
  5. Baste strips to Front (pattern piece #1).
  6. Proceed with constructing the S9774 as per the instructions.

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