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TUTORIAL: 9779 Top Variation

TUTORIAL: 9779 Top Variation

If you have been following Madalynne for previous pattern releases, then you will know that variations are kinda our thing. As soon as a pattern is released, I begin thinking about hacks to change up some aspect of the design or fit. And I blame you… yes, YOU for inspiring them! One of the many things I love about the sewing community is seeing different takes on one pattern. One sewist makes a jumpsuit out of a velvet for a glam look and another makes the same jumpsuit out of a linen for a beach, dress down look. 

When the Madalynne X Simplicity 9779 was released in May, a top version was on the must-do list for variation. A summer dress – both mini and maxi – is a staple wardrobe piece, but so are cute little tops to fill your closet. So, we hacked the 9779 into this super cute top and are giving you all the deets on how to achieve this variation below:


For this variation, there was just main fabric and lining fabric – no interlining – and we spray basted them together prior to cutting using our favorite tool, Odif 505 spray adhesive. The center back panel is just 1 layer of stretch mesh.


The Madalynne X Simplicity 9779 was designed to be made with a woven fabric, AKA something that doesn’t stretch. The DIY kit for the variation that we did used stretch lycra for the main fabric and stretch mesh for the lining fabric. There was no interlining. If you are using a stretch fabric for this variation, I highly recommend sizing down 2 sizes. 


Stop! Don’t run in the other direction at the thought of altering patterns. All the alterations are super quick and very understandable, even for a newbie. 


Below are very simplified steps for sewing this 9779 and if you have made the S9779 per the instructions (watch the sew along here), these will make sense to you. 

One – Sew Bodice Front, Bodice Side Front, Bodice Back, Bodice Side Back along vertical seams using a straight stitch. Sew channeling to seam allowances and insert boningusing the same method as in the 9779 instructions. 

Two – Sew Strap to Bodice Side Back at shoulder seam and Bodice Side Front at strap point. If you have a serger, you can serge this seam allowance. 

Three – Sew fold over elastic along all edges except the center front edge. 

Four – Attach hook and eye tape using this tutorial. 

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