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4 Ways To Use Leftover Lace

4 Ways To Use Leftover Lace

using leftover laceLeftovers. If you’re like me, a leftover meal is basically you’re lifeline. For this city gal, it means I don’t have to think or worry about what I’m going to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Woo hoo! As great as leftover food can be, leftover fabric isn’t that great, especially lace. Cutting into beautiful lace and having bits and pieces hang around in your stash is no bueno. I have to make it a point to reuse it or else it’ll sit in my fabric bins for months… even years. So below, I’m showing 3 ways I reuse or want to resuse my lace (totes making those socks this holiday season). 

One: Use it for smaller decals on lingerie. On bras like the 8437, you only need a small pop of lace, literally inches, so using extra lace you saved from a different project is perfect for this style. This simple addition of extra lace can be used on almost any bra too, like on the side of a bra cup like this. The beauty of making your own lingerie is that you can add different colors, fabrics, laces or trims. All of my Simplicity patterns can be doctored up with a lace decal here or there. So be creative while using up some older fabrics.

Two: Another way is to add leftover lace to existing styles and clothing. You can add lace to the hems of your jeans, shorts, or the sleeves of your shirts to update your current wardrobe while busting through your stash. 

Three: While I’m not a fan of colder weather, I am a huge fan of chunky sweaters, scarves and everything comfy and cozy. Raise your hand if those lace socks would be so, so cute at a holiday party?

Four: The last way I like to use up my old lace is for scrap booking. Yes, I’m a total nerd and still scrapbook when I have time. Lace gives texture to an otherwise flat piece of paper.

Stock up on lace so you can reuse it – shop Madalynne patterns and kits ; )

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