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The Barrett: Why I and Samm Neira Love This Everyday, Basic Bralette + Underwear

The Barrett: Why I and Samm Neira Love This Everyday, Basic Bralette + Underwear

basic bralette by madalynne intimatesThe soft bra, the lazy bra, the no bra-bra – call it what you want, but the bralette, just like social media, is here to stay. For better or for worse. At least that’s my opinion.

Although I’m young at 30 years old, I didn’t grow up in a time where only underwire bras were an option. When it was time for me to buy a bra, like a not a training bra that all our moms purchased for us at some point, I did. By myself. It was the late 90s, I was probably 12. I hung out at the mall on weekends (like they did in Mall Rats), and it was probably using my$20 weekly allowance. I don’t remember exactly, but yeh, that’s probably how my first foray into lingerie went down.

I am not opposed to underwires. Heck, I have 3 lingerie patterns, the 8624, 8436 and 8229, and DIY kits that are underwire. Day in and day out, it’s usually a bralette that I’m wearing though. The every and any day factor is a big plus. It works great under a chunky sweater in the winter as it does under a loose T-shirt or peaking out from a low-cut top in the spring. Dual… triple… quadruple duty.

Local blogger, friend, and just all around super sweet girl, Samm Neira and I first worked together last summer. She wore the Serena off the shoulder bodysuit and the Nina halter bralette in this styled shoot. When I was thinking about who I could photograph to show just how wearable and everyday the Barrett bralette and underwear are, she was the first gal who came to mind. We shot at her house in South Philly. Obviously, we did stylized shots with lipstick and towel up in the hair, but this is her au natural. No retouching. No Photoshop. This is exactly how she wears it and this is exactly we both love our Barretts:

The colors! It’s available in yellow, peach and white. The peach serves as a “nude” that you can wear underneath white shirts and the yellow is a fun color that isn’t too bright. Looks great with a tan.

Lift without underwire. Bralettes are just for small cups. While there are bralettes for plus size, masectomy and nursing women, the Barrett can fit a wide range of sizes. Samm is pear shaped and wearing a medium on top and a large on the bottom. Both the bralette and underwear are available in sizes XS-L.

Soft nude lining. Did you know that nipple chaffing was a thing? Ouch! I’ve never experienced it, but it doesn’t seem like it would be a pleasant experience. Both the Barrett bralette and underwear have a nude lining that covers exactly what you need it to.

Made in the USA. Did you also know that every ready made Madalynne Intimates item is sewn in Brooklyn? You can read more about our factory and why having those three words on every label is important here.

Affordable. Quality with a price tag that won’t break the bank. The Barrett bralette retails for $38.00 and the undie retails for $29.50. That ain’t bad!

[client_item link=”https://madalynne.com/product/barrett-lace-bralette-yellow/” image=”https://madalynne.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/barrett-bralette-undie-yellow-1.png” ][/client_item]
[client_item link=”https://madalynne.com/product/barrett-lace-underwear-yellow/” image=”https://madalynne.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/barrett-bralette-undie-yellow-3.png”][/client_item]
[client_item link=”https://madalynne.com/product/barrett-lace-bralette-white/” image=”https://madalynne.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/barrett-bralette-undie-white-5.jpg”][/client_item]
[client_item link=”https://madalynne.com/product/barrett-lace-underwear-white/” image=”https://madalynne.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/barrett-bralette-undie-white-4.png”][/client_item][client_item link=”https://madalynne.com/product/barrett-lace-bralette-peach/” image=”https://madalynne.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/barrett-bralette-undie-peach-2.png”][/client_item][client_item link=”https://madalynne.com/product/barrett-lace-underwear-peach/” image=”https://madalynne.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/barrett-bralette-undie-peach-3.png”][/client_item][/client_item][/client]


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basic bralette by madalynne intimates basic bralette by madalynne intimatesbasic bralette by madalynne intimates basic bralette by madalynne intimates basic bralette by madalynne intimatesbasic bralette by madalynne intimatesbasic bralette by madalynne intimatesbasic bralette by madalynne intimates

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