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Bra Making Tutorial: How to Cut Lingerie Fabrics

Bra Making Tutorial: How to Cut Lingerie Fabrics

How to cut lingerie fabrics by Madalynne Intimates

How to cut lingerie fabrics? It’s all about having the right tool. Tools are just as important as fabric and trims. It’s easy to skimp on tools in order to save a few bucks, especially because no one sees or knows about your supplies when a project is finished. I promise you though that having the right tools are what makes or breaks a lingerie project.

Cutting fine fabrics such as galloon lace, all over lace, stretch mesh and sheer tricot can be a b***h. There’s a lot of moving and shifting. To get the most accurate cut, I use a simple Fiskars rotary cutter. It’s like a pizza cutter but for lingerie ; ) It comes in many widths, but my preferred is 28mm. The 18mm seems a little dinky, and the 45mm is too big to get into sharp corners or tight curves. The 28mm is right in between – the sweet spot.

Rotary cutters will run you about $10, and so will the replacement blades! Folks, do NOT buy the 2 or 4 pack replacement blades that you see at craft stores for You can buy a 10-pack of blades for the same price as the rotary cutter. That will last you a long time.

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One of my students uses her dull rotary cutters for cutting out pattern paper. Just thought I’d share!

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