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Galina Bra on 50″+ Full Bust (Plus How A Bra Should Fit)

Galina Bra on 50″+ Full Bust (Plus How A Bra Should Fit)

The Galina Monowire bra is available up to a 56” full bust, but what does it actually look like on someone who has a 50”+ full bust? Meet Chelsea, a lovely gal who attended Madalynne’s Top Drawer Lingerie Retreat and is wearing the Galina that she made. Depending on the time of the month, she measures between 51-53” full bust and 45” underbust. She wears a size 44 G/H in the Galina. Chelsea has struggled to find a size inclusive bra and loves the fit of her Galina. While filming this reel, she commented how comfortable the monowire feels. As you can see, the monowire is sitting on her breast root, she is not spilling out of the cups, there is not gaping and the band is level all the way around. The band does sit in the creases of her back tissue/skin, but this always happens with any bra Chelsea wear. If this is a concern or bothersome for anyone, we can customize our ready made for a wider back for a smoother look. 

You’ve probably heard the statistics by now- the majority of people are wearing the wrong bra size. In fact, numerous studies found that number to be 80%. We have an epidemic on our hands! So how should a bra fit? Below is a diagram that highlights some of the keys things when assessing the fit of a bra.

Back band: Back band should be snug – like a tight hug. If you can put more than two fingers underneath the back band, it’s too big.

Frame: Frame should lie flat against the chest wall. There shouldn’t be any drag lines and it should be tacking in between breasts.

Underwire: Should be in line with the breast root and not on top of the breast tissue.

Straps: Should not be falling off your shoulders or so tight that it is causing the back band to ride up.

Cups: Breasts should be contained inside the cups, not spilling over on top, below or on the sides.

Are you a 50”+ full bust? Have you made a Galina? Do you struggle with finding a bra that is your size?

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