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5 Benefits of Front Criss Cross

5 Benefits of Front Criss Cross

Pop Quiz! Are you tired of the lack of support from your bras? Are you fed up of your straps slipping off your shoulders? Are you embarrassed indentations bra straps cause on your shoulders? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may want to consider front criss cross straps. A strappy detail like this aren’t just for fashion. They can be super functional. In this short blog post are 5 benefits of criss cross front straps.

1. For people who have east west breasts, straps that criss cross in the front bring the breasts closer together.

2. For people who have full busts, straps that cross cross in the front bring the bra closer to the body, specifically the chest, providing more support. They can also reduce shoulder pressure since the weight is being distribute across the chest rather than at one point. 

3. If you have sloping shoulders and struggle with straps falling off not matter how close they are to the neck, straps that cross cross will totally prevent this from happening. 

4. Criss cross straps reduce bounce in the cups. 

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