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Happy Thanksgiving + Cheers to Making Our Hearts Happy

Happy Thanksgiving + Cheers to Making Our Hearts Happy

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how important it is to keeping my passion just that – a passion. This year especially, I’ve put a lot of pressure to make Madalynne, now my full time gig, work. Leaving the corporate world a little over a year ago, I felt as if people were watching to see whether I’d fly or flop. Thankfully, Madalynne is working out, but along the way, I’ve found myself losing my creative outlet that originally started this blog. Not totally, just slightly.

Madalynne started as a hobby. It was over ten years ago that I began this blogging journey and for a long time, I documented all my personal sewing adventures. There was no pressure for it to be anything other than it was. Then I started teaching sewing, then I started selling patterns, and the it’s became something more – way more – than I ever imagined. Recently however, I’ve been aching for that space that once was – a blog to just to post without purpose or an dollar sign involved. Between designing my next collection or pattern, teaching workshops, assembling kits, fulfilling orders, and more, so much of my time is spent for others, which I without a doubt really love. Nothing makes me happier than giving back through my work. But I’ve somehow stopped making time for just creating from the heart – for me – and I miss it lots.

For the next few days, I’m stepping away. I’m spending Thanksgiving with some very special humans that have come into my life. They’ve showed me that if I want to give my best to Madalynne, to make this panty biz grow to what I’ve always dreamt it to be, that it’s okay to step away, to be in the moment, and to have your own creative projects. I’m truly thankful. I’m slowly creeping back into the creative I used to be. My sewing mojo is coming back. Im the happiest I’ve been in a long time.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I’m raising my virtual glass… cheers to doing the things and being with the people who make your heart the happiest.

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