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Finished! How I Wear My 8624 Bra

Finished! How I Wear My 8624 Bra

Now that we’ve sewn the Madalynne X Simplicity 8624, it’s now time to wear it! Before the sew along, I published this post on the inspiration and my style tips. This post is very much a reiteration of that and providing real world application, AKA how I am actually wearing mine.

When high neck bra styles became trendy a few seasons ago, they were a bit of a style enigma. How am I supposed to wear a bra that comes up to my collarbone and is clearly visible? Is it only meant for sweatshirts? Just for turtlenecks? A sleep bra? The 8624 is way to pretty to be just a sleep bra! In my opinion, the key to wearing any high neck bra style, whether it’s the 8624 or the Noelle (a FREE PDF pattern that is the same pattern used for the Nina bralette), is thinking of it as part of the outfit. Then, it becomes an interesting/added layer – kind of like an undershirt but for women. The bra doesn’t have to be fully on display, just a little bit peeking out.

On a particularly warm day in February – it was in the 70s! – I wore the same 8624 that I showed how to make in the sew along underneath an over sized tunic/dress from Free People. I purchased it last summer, so it’s not listed on their website anymore. Similar one can be found here. I paired it with a pair of jeans and black boots, both from Urban Outfitters. It wasn’t a complicated look that cost a fortune, and I believe this look can be worn by many styles/body types. The temperatures are already back to seasonal, so I’ve been pairing my 8624 underneath v-neck sweaters, but this is how I envision wearing it this summer. Summer, please come soon. Sigh…

Some more styling advice – match the neckline of your bra to the neckline of your top. It’s a great way to embellish an otherwise simple neckline, especially when the bra is a contrasting color.

Want to make the 8624? Hop on over to the web shop to get the pattern and kit, and join the sew along!

Be sure to share your 8624! Upload in progress or finished projects to Instagram – tag @mmadalynne and use the hashtag #bramakingwithmadalynne

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