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How To Wash Your Lingerie in a Salad Spinner

How To Wash Your Lingerie in a Salad Spinner

Lingerie hack!! Did you ever think you could use your salad spinner to wash your lingerie? You can! Salad spinners are a small tub that contain an inner basket which holds your leafy greens or in this case, intimate underthings. Essentially, it’s a mini washing machine. If your washing machine is broken and you got some dirty undies that need a cleaning STAT, or if you live somewhere that doesn’t have a washing machine and you don’t feel comfortable washing your underoos in a public setting (AKA laundromat), try this simple hack. It’s not a time efficient method (I only suggest doing 1 underwire bra, 2 bralettes or 1-3 undies at a time), but it gets the job done. 

  1. Fill up your salad spinner a third of the way with water 
  2. Add 2-3 tablespoons of detergent
  3. Gently rotate the handle to spin the lingerie and water inside
  4. Pour out the water and rinse until the water runs clear 
  5. Remove your underwear and lay flat to dry 

*If you have stains, you can presoak or use a spot removal before washing 

Watch this video to see this hack in action!

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