Madalynne Intimates is a woman-owned, Philadelphia-based brand offering size inclusive lingerie for all people. Our small team consists of four people and together, we offer DIY lingerie kits, hand crafted lingerie, and online + in-person bra making classes.


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My Intimate Story: Why Made in the USA is Important

My Intimate Story: Why Made in the USA is Important

I’m a maker. Through and through, I like to get my hands dirty in projects. While I’m not a “Made in America” zealot, having those three words printed on every label of The Nina Set was less of a protest against outsourcing, and more of a celebration of my passion for making things.

Let’s be real here. We live in a modern, global economy, and having products manufactured overseas is a part of our reality. There are good reasons and outcomes for that as well as horrible ones, such as the factory disasters in Bangladesh. Although low-cost labor has allowed for enormous savings for both vendors and consumers, I believe their is a shift happening in the way we buy. It’s not brand new, but has been growing each year. The new trend is to be consumer conscience, to care about the who, what, why, where and how. We want to connect with brands and their products and stories.

Does patriotic spending matter? To me, absolutely. It’s about connection and accountability – knowing the maker and trusting their brand. Julie said it best: made in the USA is the next best thing to handmade. When I started sewing, I was taking control of the way I dressed by making my own designs rather than succumbing to the designs mass retailers were offering. By buying USA products, we’re also taking control. We’re deciding the future of our country and making it better – adding jobs, putting money back into our economy and most importantly, supporting the passions of our people.

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  • November 30, 2016

    I’m a little confused about sizing. One of the reviewers said she was a 36D and the medium fit her perfectly. I’m a 36B and was set to order a large based on the chart but now I’m not sure.

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