Madalynne Intimates is a woman-owned, Philadelphia-based brand offering size inclusive lingerie for all people. Our small team consists of four people and together, we offer DIY lingerie kits, hand crafted lingerie, and online + in-person bra making classes.


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Introducing Madalynne DIY Bachelorette Party Lingerie Kits

Introducing Madalynne DIY Bachelorette Party Lingerie Kits

diy bachelorette partyWith today’s expectation of a travel packed itinerary of girls’ weekends, bachelorette parties are an easy and fast way to shatter your budget. If you’re the maid in charge of planning the bridal shower – here’s an idea. Host it yourself! For less than $50 per bridesmaids, Madalynne’s DIY bachelorette party lingerie kit contains all fabric and trims for each maid to make the Sierra wrap bralette, a free PDF pattern you can download here, and all those little extra to host your own, super cute bachelorette shower. While not the most affordable option, it WILL save you a tons (and a sunburn) from a trip to a Antigua.

diy bachelorette partydiy bachelorette partyI’m in! I want to purchase the DIY bachelorette party lingerie kit and host my own bridal shower. Is there a minimum or maximum? 
A set of DIY bachelorette party kits range from 4-8. If you need less or want more to give away to your maids, email me and we can discuss accommodating your particular needs.

diy bachelorette partyWhat pattern is this kit for? Are there DIY bachelorette kits for other styles?
These kits are for the Sierra wrap bralette, a free PDF pattern that can be downloaded here. As of right now, this is the only pattern/kit available. Want an exact breakdown per box? See below:

3 YDS blush pink galloon lace
1/2 YD nude stretch mesh
2 1/2 YDS 3/8” picot plush elastic
3/4 YD 3/8” shiny shoulder strap elastic
1 pair 2×3 hook & eye
1 silver slider 3/8′′ wide
1 pair silver rings 5/8′′ wide
1 The Laundress Delicate Wash Packet
1 “team bride” sunglasses
1 “bride tribe” balloon
Gold lingerie + ring confetti
1 “team bride” temporary tattoo

diy bachelorette partyHow much will shipping cost? 
Will be a flat rate of $30.95 for regular domestic mail, $40.95 for expedited domestic mail, and $45.95 for international.

I don’t know how to sew. Can I still host my own DIY bachelorette party wit these kits?
The reason I chose the Sierra wrap bralette is that it’s the simplest lingerie pattern I offer. If you don’t know how to sew, I would suggest taking a class before or scoping out YouTube for basic sewing tutorials. You don’t need a fancy sewing machine – just a simple one that has a straight and a zigzag stitch. I as well as all my students sew all our lingerie on PFAFF’s simplest machine, the Passport 2.0. You can reach my full review here and my tips for sewing lingerie on this machine here.

Can I customize the colors and contents for my bridal party?
As of right now, the colors and contents are what is listed. If you want to customize, email me and we can discuss further.

A few months ago, we hosted a styled bachelorette party at Madalynne Studios. So.Much.Fun. I’ll be doing a separate blog post on tips for hosting a similar type bachelorette party, including the decor, the drinks, and the waffle cake we made (yum!). In the meantime, check out some of the photos and see the full album here.


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[client_item link=”https://madalynne.com/product/diy-bachelorette-party-lingerie-kit/” image=”https://madalynne.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/bachelorette-party.jpg” ][/client_item]
[client_item link=”https://madalynne.com/product/diy-bachelorette-party-lingerie-kit/” image=”https://madalynne.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/diy-bachelorette-party.jpg”][/client_item]
[client_item link=”https://madalynne.com/product/diy-bachelorette-party-lingerie-kit/” image=”https://madalynne.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/bridal-shower.jpg”][/client_item]
[client_item link=”https://madalynne.com/product/diy-bachelorette-party-lingerie-kit/” image=”https://madalynne.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/bridal-shower-2.jpg”][/client_item][client_item link=”https://madalynne.com/product/diy-bachelorette-party-lingerie-kit/” image=”https://madalynne.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/bridal-shower-3.jpg”][/client_item][/client]

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