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Lawren Teddy + Panty Tutorial

Lawren Teddy + Panty Tutorial

Turn the Lawren bodysuit into this super cute teddy + panty set. Released two years in the height of the pandemic, the Lawren has become a TNT pattern. It has seen many iterations – a low cut version, a crop top + panty, even swimsuits – and now, it has been hacked into a teddy + panty set. So darn cute! What I love most about this variation is that you can wear it as lingerie or pair it with jeans or a skirt and wear it as a top.

There are o pattern alterations – just the addition of sewing a shirred rectangular to the bodice. This tutorial gives very simplified steps and assumes that you have basic bra making knowledge. If you’re a newbie and need/want to learn the basics before tackling this tutorial, check out Madalynne’s Intro to Sewing Lingerie for Beginners.


TEDDY: Cut out all pieces for the top portion of the Lawren bodysuit except for the center front. For the center front lace overlay, line it so that the lining aligns with the low point of the scallop lace. 

Cut out a rectangle – the length equals 1.75x the finished waist measurement and the width will vary depending on how long you want your teddy to be. 

PANTY: Cut out all pieces of the Madalynne X Simplicity X Simplicity 9478 thong.


  1. Sew picot elastic flat along the front neckline
  2. Proceed with directions to assemble the bodice of the Lawren.
  3. Sew short ends of rectangular piece
  4. Sew a basting stitch at one edge of the rectangular piece and shirr so that it measures the width of the bottom edge of the bodice. 
  5. Sew rectangular piece to bodice with a zigzag stitch. 
  6. Assemble panty using instructions that came with panty. 

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