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Lighten Your Lingerie: Part II

Lighten Your Lingerie: Part II

When we get dressed in the morning, the first thing we put on are our undies. Well, at least I hope you do! Sometimes, without giving much thought, they work with our outfits. Sometimes they don’t. Regardless, we rarely show off our lacy friends, instead we hide them with what we choose to put on top. As a lace addict lover, I am here to change that routine, especially since summer is here. Using bright colors and fun patterns, this season, I am not going to hide what I put my blood, sweat and tears to make (okay, not really) and be proud not just of my me-made, but myself.

I’m asking you to do the same. Don’t stray away from super low cut shirts in fear of being too revealing or not being able to find the perfect bra that won’t show. I say use this as an opportunity to show off your handmade lingerie and plan your outfit around it. Why spend all the time and energy into making or buying a beautiful bra if you hide them under your shirts? Low cut tees and tanks with low sides or open backs are a perfect way to make a bold statement while still being tasteful.

Can I can hands up for female empowerment. Show off your bra, show of your body. Be pretty and powerful y’all [insert bicep emoji].

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