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Los Angeles Lingerie Fabric + Trim Shopping Guide

Los Angeles Lingerie Fabric + Trim Shopping Guide

la fabric shopping guideOn the last day of the Mimi G Sewing Conference, the entire group hit up LA’s Fashion District to fabric shop. Every city I’ve visited – New York, London, Paris, Atlanta, Miami, etc – does their fabric district differently. In some cities, fabric stores are concentrated in a few blocks or streets; in others, fabric stores are more spread out. In Los Angeles, the fashion district is the former, squeezed into a four block radius, from 8th street down to Olympic Boulevard, between Maple Avenue and San Julian Street. According to the LA Fashion District website, there are over 200 fabric and trim stores in this area. The great thing about LA’s fashion district is that shops are open 6-7 days a week as opposed to New York where they’re only open 5. Now, I only shopped the district for two afternoons, so I’m no expert, but I did go through many of the stores with a sharp eye, hunting for lingerie laces, elastic, trims. Below are my favorite spots with the addition of a few spots that others suggested. Also something to note – none of these stores are dedicated lingerie shops. Just fabric/trim stores that sell some lingerie supplies.

la fabric shopping guide la fabric shopping guidela fabric shopping guideMicheal Levine
920 Maple Ave
(213) 622-6259
Michael Levine’s is one of the largest fabric retailers and wholesalers in the nation, with two retail outlets and a super stocked warehouse. They carry apparel fabrics as well as fabrics for quilting and home decor. Other than their Spandex/Lycras, there wasn’t much for us bra makers. However, tucked in the back right hand corner of the shop are novelty elastics. There wasn’t much, but the sources were high quality. One was Shindo, which is located in New York, and supplies elastics and trimmings to notable RTW labels. I have even looked at their assortment for my own intimates line.

la fabric shopping guide la fabric shopping guideTrim Expo
828 Maple Avenue
Oh man, I was in heaven, hog heaven, when I walked into Trim Expo. Shout out to Brittany and Rosy for bearing with me through the entire store as I scoped out their elastics, laces and pom pom trimming! Trim Expo had the widest selection of laces in widths from 1/2″ to 10″ and wider as well as both picot plush and flat elastics. Most of the elastics were located outside in the clearance section (shown in the lead image of this post), while the laces were inside. Also inside was a floor to ceiling wall of pom poms. No really, floor to ceiling in every shade, color and beading imaginable. None of them had stretch, so you’d have use them sparingly.

la fabric shopping guide la fabric shopping guideShana Text
801 S. Wall Street
Located on Wall Street, one street over from where most of the fabric stores are, I stumbled upon Shana Text on my second day of shopping when I visited The Original Flower Market. A beautiful mess is the best way to describe it. Standing on the outside looking in, you can see trims including elastics, laces and more stacked from floor to ceiling. Seriously, from floor to ceiling, just like the pom poms. So it’s no surprise that you will literally have to dig through to find something. If I were you, I’d go in with a game plan (i.e. looking for blue 3/8″ elastic) or else you’ll get lost and spend hours in this giant treasure chest. The prices are dirt cheap, and the quality ain’t that bad either.

la fabric shopping guidelos angeles fabric shopping guidela fabric shopping guideJohn Tex & Trim Closeouts
851 San Julian Street
(213) 949-1800
Hands down the messiest store I went too. Dirty too. I picked up a roll of elastic and there was a bug on it. However, this is like Jomar in Philadelphia. You can find some incredible gems at amazing prices. They had a good assortment of high quality laces and elastics. Smaller elastics (3/8″ and less) are harder to find, especially the picot plush variety and on the left side when you entire are two entire rows of elastics this width including ones with specialty picot edging. I’ve never seen pom pom plush elastic before – I didn’t know it even existed! – and I swooped up a whole roll (100+ YDS) for $12 (see in photo above). Yes, $12. Don’t hesitate to haggle with them either.

Blue Moon
305 East 9th Street #110-111
Blue Moon was the nicest fabric store I visited. The interior was clean with fabrics neatly and nicely displayed. They specialize in carrying basics, spandex, miky, faux fur and more. What I was most interested in was the Spandex/Lycra. Very high quality.

Gold Star
921 E 8th Street
Golden Star, officially Golden Cutting & Sewing Supplies, sells mostly cutting and sewing equipment – machine parts and accessories, pattern making tools, pattern making paper and the like. Related to lingerie, they sell a limited amount underwires.

919 South Grand Avenue
I did not visit the FIDM store. It was suggested to me by Elma of Elma Lingerie. Supposedly, they carry some lingerie supplies. So if you’re in the area, stop by!

Time to Eat!
After all that fabric shopping and walking around, time to get your grub on! When you’re finished stocking up on laces, elastics, and pom poms, hop on over to Wall Street and treat yourself to a nice meal at Poppy + Rose. I had the caesar salad, but the table next to me ordered chicken and waffles that looked amazing!

If you’re still tripped up on where to buy all the fiddly bits for lingerie, don’t worry. Hop on over to my webshop where I sell entire lingerie kits.

la flower district la flower district

If you have any suggestions on where to shop for lingerie fabrics and trims in LA, comment below. I would love to hear and I’m sure there are other lingerie maker who’d like to know too!

la fabric shopping guide

  • Juanita
    June 27, 2017

    I would recommend Perch, The Standard, La Cita, Mas Malo for places to grab a drink and a bite to eat in downtown LA. Another recommendation: be careful! Fashion District is awesome but it’s also in a super sketch area that’s literally blocks away from Skid Row. Do yourself a favor and don’t wear expensive jewelry or purses.

  • June 28, 2017

    Michael Levine’s was always my go to for a variety of fabric needs but in the last few years I’ve been very disappointed with the selection. I was very interested to see what your other suggestions were going to be. Some day I’m going to have to get up the nerve to brave those little messy shops and dig for treasures!

  • July 2, 2017

    Thanks for this great information! I just moved to the San Francisco Bay Area from Washington, DC and your list of fabric stores, especially those selling lingerie making supplies, will be very helpful when I make a road trip down to LA!

  • July 16, 2017

    Great list! I live in LA and there are a few on here that I have not been to yet. I have a fabric shopping guide on my blog (linked above). Trim Expo is one of my favorites. Also Trim 2000 is practically next door and they have a good selection of elastics plus lots of buttons, findings and zippers.

  • January 6, 2019

    I love your blog- it’s my first time commenting.

    Michael Levine and Trim Expo are great shops. If you want a real lingerie supply store in LA, though, Fine Brand is your place. They’re not in the garment district. They have a bare-bones website and an unpromising storefront in a weird industrial area, but inside it’s a bra maker’s paradise. I always get my underwires, plush elastics, hook & eye tape, rings, sliders, powermesh, and tricot-bonded foam there.

    They will fill orders by e-mail (call to let them know you emailed, though!) or over the phone.
    Every time I’ve called on the phone they’ve been extremely helpful and gracious. Since I left L.A. I’ve ordered from them a few times with success, but only very specific, generic things like 5/8″ nude plush-back strap elastic or whatnot. I really recommend going to the location, though. They definitely have way more inventory than they ever turn over- it’s one of those places that has decades of stuff in the back corners. They have a room full of underwires! When I went, they let me poke around on the shelves for treasures- I even tried on underwires discreetly until I found the perfect fit!

    I believe their main hustle is making garters and doing smallish-scale lingerie manufacturing on commission, also maybe wholesale lingerie components. They do sell to the public, though, and will snip off 2 yards of elastic very graciously- I think my average order is like $50.

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