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My New Sewing Room Reveal

My New Sewing Room Reveal

sewing roomIt was just this spring that I gave you a peek into my condo when it was featured on Apartment Therapy. Well, a lot has happened in that short amount of time. I moved and have a new sewing room to show you!

First thing is first – Madalynne Studios, the space where I teach workshops, lessons and such, did not move. This is my home sewing studio and office.

Even though Chatueau Madalynne was a great place to live, it was time to move on. I was basically living at Ryan’s place and hadn’t slept at my place since… fall? When I would go home, it didn’t feel like home to me. He wasn’t there.

So throughout the month of May, we transformed the spare bedroom into my sewing room and home office. He was (and still is) incredible – painting, assembling the furniture, trips back and forth from my to his place, hanging light fixtures at midnight the evening before my Mother’s Day event. Oi vey – that was awful. It’s finally finished though. Done done! It’s exactly what I envisioned plus more. I always wanted a damn pink room and now I have a damn pink room!

sewing roomsewing room sewing room sewing roomsewing roomsewing roomAs you’ll see, I don’t have a lot of storage. That’s because I have an entire studio where I can keep all my sewing clutter – kits, bulk fabric and trims, etc. Here, I keep whatever project I’m currently working on and store it in those vintage trunks. One is for fabrics, one is for patterns, one is for tools. As you can also see, I’m a very neat person (and seamstress).

Sooo about that standing sewing desk. I’ve received a lot of questions about it. Two words, in all caps – LOVE IT. Before, I would sit down to sew, then stand up to cut and trim. Now, I do everything in one area. My workflow has been much better. Also, as a runner yogi (at heart), I like to keep my body moving throughout the day.

Again, lots of kisses to Ryan for making me one happy (sewing) lady ;)

photos and video by Love Me Do Photography

sewing roomsewing room sewing room sewing room sewing roomSandstone wall paint by Valspar  Paint
IKEA STÄLL Shoe Cabinet
IKEA SVALNÄS Wall-mounted workspace combination
IKEA RIBBA white frames (24″ x 35.75″) with pictures from my trip to Havana, Cuba
IKEA RIBBA black frames (12″x16″) with pictures from Janet Hill Studio
IKEA SKATTEBY frame (25″x 35.75″) with picture taken from experience at Anthropologie E-commerce
IKEA LIL Lace Sheer Curtains
IKEA Blush pink succulents with small planter 
Mid century inspired starburst clock from Amazon (similar one here)
Paris ring dish from Anthropologie
Green rug and vintage trunks are Ryan’s
Gold glass shadow box with “hello” from West Elm (I think) and concert tickets Ryan and I have been to
Rose gold gum ball machine – Ryan’s mom gave to me and he spray painted rose gold
Lemon Crisp biscuit box from V&A gift shop in London – filled with Billy Balls
Lladro  porcelain figures were my mom’s family heirlooms
Vintage cameras were given to me by a friend
Vintage Details: A Fashion Sourcebook 
Streamlined Iron by Jay Raymond 
PFAFF Passport 2.0
sewing room

  • Elizabeth H
    June 16, 2018

    Lovely sewing area and sweet Ryan.

  • Sara Murray
    June 17, 2018

    I’m about to start designing my own sewing room, I don’t have the space you do but it’s still quite roomy. I love your table, it’s the perfect height.

    I’d like that for cutting out fabric but I’m thinking of putting a separate sewing desk next to the cutting one to store my sewing machine & Overlocker.

  • Julie Sewell
    July 21, 2020

    I know this post is old, but could you tell me how you sew with the standing desk? This feels like a dumb question, but I’m looking for an option that’s similar and can’t tell where you would put your foot pedal. Thanks!! Love the design!!

    • July 27, 2020

      I had the same question! I’m trying to set up a standing office/sewing area in my dining room, but I was worried that a standing desk wouldn’t work with the foot pedal on my machine.

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