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National Underwear Day: 4 Quick Tips for Sewing Panties

National Underwear Day: 4 Quick Tips for Sewing Panties

Guess what day it is? National Underwear Day! Whatever you call them – knickers, panties, underwear, underoos – today is all about loving and feeling your best in them. Did you know that National Underwear Day was founded in 2003 by Freshpair in an effort to publicly shine light on “unmentionables”. Side note, unmentionables should be called mentionable IMHO. Why not mention them and show them off? Worn by nearly all cultures, underwear is a multifunctional layer of clothing that serves so many purposes – protects from sweat, cold, heat and chafing. Can be used to shape the tummy or derrière. Also worn just to feel damn pretty.

When it comes to DIY underwear, underwear is one of my favorite projects. It’s quick, easy and super satisfying sewing project. Below, I’m sharing 4 quick tips that I have found very useful in my panty-making journey. 

Choose the right fabrics: Having a soft fabric that feels like second skin is soooo important. I can’t stress this enough. People can get so entranced by a fabric and want to use it for panties, but it has to be the right fabric. That goes for any sewing project. The right fabric with the right project. Also, you could make the same pattern in two different fabrics and love one and hate one. I suggest using something that is soft – lightweight mesh, LYCRA and/or a cotton are great options. If you have an embroidered lace that you want to use, but you think it will be itchy, you can line in with a soft fabric like mesh. Fabrics to avoid are woven like a quilting cotton. Again, pair your fabric to your project. Use quilting cotton for quilting.

Also keep in mind that different style panties work better with different fabrics. A jersey or bamboo is perfect for a boyshort, but in a thong, it stretch out when sewing. 

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Use a softer elastic: Just as important as having the right fabric is having the right elastics. Panty elastic and narrow lace are soft options so it won’t cut into your waist or legs. Believe me, having the wrong elastic can be quite uncomfortable, even painful. It can cut into you, especially when you sit down, and be super annoying all.day.long. Generally speaking, lingerie elastics are not interchangeable, so don’t sub strap elastic for panty elastic if you run out. Get more panty elastic.

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Rotary cutter versus scissors: For the cleanest, sharpest, most precise cut, use a rotary cutter. If you use regular scissors, the fabric can get distorted when cutting. Rotary cutters come in 18mm, 28mm and 45mm, but my preferred size is 28mm.

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Sew in bulk: Sewing panties is my favorite DIY lingerie project because it’s so quick! I can cut and sew a panty in 45 minutes or less. So why not spend a few extra minutes and make two or three at a time? Your top drawer will thank you.

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