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PFAFF® Serger Buying Guide

PFAFF® Serger Buying Guide

You’re making a list, and you’re checking it twice. The holidays are upon us and a new serger or coverstitch machine may be on your list. Or maybe you are looking to upgrade. If this is the case – this post is for you! Madalynne Studios is stocked with a range of PFAFF® sewing, overlock and coverstitch models and offers an opportunity to test out machines on actual garments instead of swatches at a dealer. In this post, I will compare the PFAFF® admire 1000, admire air 5000 and the coverlock 4.0. The best serger for you will depend on your sewing needs and budget, and I tried to consider each one in my comparison. Each machine comes with a variety of features and accessories. For me, the best serger is not too complicated and is intuitive to use, of which all of PFAFF® machines are.

First, what is the difference between a sewing machine, serger and cover stitch machine?

Sewing machine: A sewing machine is a lockstitch machines, meaning that a top thread and bottom thread loop and lock to create a series of secure stitches. These machines almost always have very basic straight and zig-zag stitches, and many machines have decorative stitches for designs effects.

Sergers: Are not sewing machines per se, but a type of specialty sewing machine. A serger is often called an overlocker and uses loops to form a. It uses three or more thread sources to create a stitch and there is no bobbin.

Coverstitch. : Another type of sewing machine that is most often used for sewing activewear. It has two or more straight lines/stitches on the top and a loops on the bottom.

admire™ 1000 Overlock Machine

The PFAFF® Admire 1000 is an entry-level overlocker that will give your sewing a more professional finish without breaking the bank. The Admire 1000 can have up to four threads with 16 different stitches (including rolled hems and decorative seams), comes with a seam guide that is super helpful when serging, and a front cover that opens on both the left and right side giving you full access to the threading loopers.

Click here for full specs for the admire 1000

admire™ air 5000

When it comes to serging and overlocking, air threading is like IDT – a game changer. Many sewist’s take look at the thread guides on a serger and think, “I’ll bind my seam allowances for the rest of my sewing life” The admire™ air 5000 is a one-touch air threading overlock machine that threads itself. Yes, you read that correctly. It threads itself! Watch the video that is linked below. It also has a built in needle threader for both the right and left needles, differential feed for even seams and no stretching or puckering on seams. The differential feed can be used for automatic gathering as well.

Watch How To Use An Air Threader

Click here for full specs for the admire™ air 5000

coverlock™ 4.0

price $1799
The coverlock™ 4.0 is the top machine in PFAFF® overlock line. It offers 5, 4, 3, 2 thread sewing and has an LCD touch screen that unlike some others, is really easy to use. All you have to do is select a stitch and all the important information like optimal thread tension, stitch length and differential feed are automatically set and displayed on the screen. I have found this very helpful – I don’t have to refer to the manual. Something really neat about the coverlock™ 4.0 is that is automatically sets tension based on the stitch. There’s also an Info System and Recommendations options which pop up to give more information about each stitch. It’s an all in one/combo machine (as opposed to a standalone), so it has an overlock and a cover stitch options. Overall, it’s a great machine. If you’re looking for a coverstitch + overlock machine that has everything, literally everything, this is it. I’m still learning new features and applications, but have been very impressed and happy with the way it elevates my lingerie sewing.

Read How To: Using My coverlock™ 4.0 To Sew Lingerie

Click here for full specs for coverlock™ 4.0



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