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Rekindling My Love (And Use) For Superior Threads

Rekindling My Love (And Use) For Superior Threads

Ever have a sewing tool, or any tool for that matter, you once used, stopped using, and then rediscovered to the thought of, “Why in the heck did I stop?” That was/is me and Bottom Line Thread. Back in 2015, I tested and reviewed it along with their Sergin’ General. I didn’t put much thought into thread then, and to be quite honest, I still don’t today. I usually grab a spool of poly that matches the color of my fabric. Poly because I sew lingerie and it has a slight give. I sometimes use woolly nylon – I wrote about it here – but I only use it for serging in the loopers. So, yeh Superior Threads, why not expand my thread horizons (again)?

A quick look at Superior Threads website and it’s obvious that they know their threads. They have almost every type for almost every kind of project – silk, cotton, metallic, fusible, water soluble and more. Their Bottom Line thread is a lint free and lightweight blending thread that becomes virtually invisible on light/pastel fabrics. It’s for sewists who don’t want their thread to show and/or don’t like monofilament thread, which has a sheen. It is available in 55 colors and can be used in quilting, applique and for binding and stitch in the ditch. Binding is especially easy as it glides through layers of fabric without any extra friction like other polyester threads.

I rediscovered my love for this thread when I was sewing samples for my lingerie kits, due back in stock mid May pending any earthquakes, blizzards, or emergency lingerie sewing. The yellow elastic required matching yellow thread, which I didn’t have. So, I grabbed Bottom Line. When I tested 2 year ago, I questioned whether it was really “invisible”. Maybe my eyesight is going, but it’s pretty darn invisible to me. And by invisible, I mean it doesn’t stand out. It blends in. I (re)liked it so much that I went to the store that week and bought a spool for everyone to use at my last workshop.  Kaneisha loved it so much that she bought some when she got home and posted about it on her IG. Money well spent girl!

So hop on over to Superior Threads’ website and start a relationship or rekindle your old one ASAP.

  • May 4, 2017

    Wohoo! We love Bottom Line for sewing.

  • September 13, 2018

    Thank you for this post! I’m re-liking Superior Threads because of it. I only use Bottom Line in my embroidery machine but I’ve thought many times about using it for all my sewing. I’m lazy about purchasing thread but I do notice the amount of lint that comes off the Gutermann thread that I usually use. Time to visit Superior website and get a stash!

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