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Shop Now: Madalynne Intimates Fall Lingerie and Bodysuits

Shop Now: Madalynne Intimates Fall Lingerie and Bodysuits

This past February, I was floored when I started a Go Fund Me campaign and raised enough money to attend a trade show in New York to show my first true ready to wear collection (RTW). Prior to that, I had one RTW style, the Nina bralette and panty, so you could hardly say I had a collection. Some buyers still say I don’t have a full collection, but hey, it’s more than one. Gotta start somewhere. And everyone has their own opinion.

It’s been an exciting six months bringing those styles from proto samples presented in a show room through production and then to the sales floor, but I’m so darn proud of myself. Everything came out more than what I had envisioned. Sure, there were obstacles that came up and there were questions asked. Oh yes, many, many questions! But with every one, there is a quote that I found on Pinterest that’s been popping up all around social lately that exactly describes how I handle each situation. “Toss your hair in a bun, drink some coffee, put on some gansta rap and handle it.” As or late, I haven’t considered myself much of a lingerie designer… not even a sewing teacher or a photographer. I’ve been something broader than that – a problem solver.  Whether I’m taking photos and I can’t get the lighting right or I’m fixing a pattern and struggle to draw a smooth curve from the bottom of an armhole to the shoulder seam, I don’t throw up my hands and say, “that’s it!” and I don’t half ass it just to finish. I work through it, give it my all, and if I don’t finish exactly as I planned or hoped, I don’t consider it or myself a failure, but a learning opportunity. See, I learn through mistakes and I learn through failure, although I don’t really consider them that. I didn’t really “fail.” It’s how handle each hurdle that will make me stronger, faster, smarter, more efficient next time.

With this, I’ve noticed a transformation in myself. Not big – super small. I’m much more relaxed. My intern says I’m chill. The old me would have told my inner voice that I was a bad photographer or a horrible pattern maker. But there’s nothing wrong with failing. I actually encourage people to become okay with it. At the older end of the millennial generation, that was something I didn’t grow up hearing. Positive people don’t fail though, they learn.

Okay! Enough with the psycho-babble. Just some rambling to encourage anyone else out there – designer, photographer, event planner – that you don’t do it right. You can even fail. Rather say “I tried” than “what if”. Just do it.

Just before attending the trade show, I teased my fall collection. Today, I’m presenting them again and where you can purchase, details on where it was made, and what I’m working on next. Last, I mean it when I say thank you to every one who contributed to the fund and/or cheered me on. I wouldn’t be where I am today without your support.

An important part of this collection was that every piece was cut and sewn in the US, Brooklyn to be exact. Being “Made in the USA” has become increasingly important to my brand. I said it before and I’ll say it again. While I’m not a USA made zealot, having those four words printed on every label is a celebration of our countries desire to continue to make products and thrive in today’s global economy. By buying USA products, we’re deciding the future of our country. We’re making it better by adding jobs and putting money back into our economy. Most importantly, we’re supporting the passions of our people, like me. You can read more of my thoughts on this here and here.


MARGO UNDERWIRE BRA: Named after my mom, who was a stunning woman, Margo is an underwire bra with a high neck and keyhole opening. It has foam cups, mesh back band and is finished with picot elastic.

BARRETT BRALETTE + PANTY: Named after Nicole’s sister, Barrett is a bralette featuring triangle cups and a cutout at the center. It doesn’t have underwire, but at a size 34D/DD, Nicole feels supported in the Barrett. Actually, it was her favorite of the bunch! The matching undie is a bikini cut that is super cheeky.

braletteunderwire brabralette for big bustsbralette and pantyunderwire braNINA BRALETTE AND HIGH WAISTED UNDIE: The Nina is back in two new colors! In addition to white and black, it is now available in lavender and blush pink. It also is available in XS. Woot woot! Samantha NeiraAt first, I was more excited about the blush pink, but after shooting last weekend, I’ve grown to LOVE the lavender. More to come on that shoot. Teaser images below.

bralette bralette braletteTHE BODYSUITS: MAEVE + SERENA
Serena is an off the shoulder bodysuit with flared sleeves and Maeve is a strapless bodysuit with a neckline flare. Both bodysuits are lined with jersey to provide comfort and the legs are finished with soft picot elastic. Neither has a snap crotch opening. Women either love or hate it. I’m the latter. As fall approaches (it’s already getting cold, ugh!), I’m super excited about the layering possibilities. I recently collaborated with @anthro_ps to photograph summer-to-fall inspired looks with both Nina and Serena. Being from Florida, I’m not a fan of temperatures below 60 degrees, but I am a HUGE fan of these looks!

strapless bodysuitbralettebodysuit outfit bodysuit outfitbodysuit outfitWHERE TO SHOP:
Where can you purchase the new assortment? All of the styles are available on my web shop, but you can also find Madalynne Intimates at the stores/boutiques below:
Burgundy Fox
Christina’s Luxuries
Elle Lauri 
Hope Chest
Lace Okoboji
Little Black Bow
Moon + Arrow
Ritual Ritual

Trunk shows, pop up shops and more – I’ve have a slew of in person events this fall, so if you’re in the tri-state area, keep tabs on my whereabouts. In the next coming weeks, I’ll also be working with a handful of bloggers to show off my favorite ways of wearing the items. Even though I fall just released, I’m already designing for spring and summer. I’m motivated to turn learn from those ‘failures’ and make next season even better! Read more about my spring and summer inspiration here.

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