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Styled: Off the Shoulder and Long Sleeve Lace Bodysuits

Styled: Off the Shoulder and Long Sleeve Lace Bodysuits

lace bodysuitBodysuits do double duty and more. They’re like that cleaning spray that de sanitizes your counter tops, removes scum from your shower, deodorizes your litter box, remove excess oil from your hair, cooks you dinner, pays your taxes, tells your annoying neighbor to bug off. I’m kidding! If only such a thing existed. Seriously speaking, bodysuits are one of, it not my favorite category of clothing. They can be worn as true lingerie pieces inside the house and as an outerwear piece. If made with the right fabrics, they can also be activewear (I’ve seen some onesies for working out recently. Haven’t tried though) and swimwear.

I’m a Floridian through and through, which means I’m not the happiest camper when the colder air comes barreling in this time of year. However, I do find a bright spot by thinking of ways I can wear and style bodysuits. Why? Because just like your cleaning spray, it serves many purposes. It provides a layer of warmth, which come February, I need like 10 of,  but is also a part of my outfit and can really elevate a look from “eh” to “ahhh!” So today, I’m showing you my favorite ways to style the Serena long sleeve lace bodysuit and the Maeve off the shoulder bodysuit. Both can be found in my web shop but around the interwebs such as Haute Flair.

long sleeve lace bodysuitGo With Long Sleeves
Not all bodysuits are sleeveless, skimpy, straps little nothings. There are plenty of bodysuit that are pretty and delicate but still provide a bit of protection against the cold. The Serena is lined with a soft jersey to provide both warmth and comfort. It truly is super soft. The biggest issue with the Serena is the flared sleeves. What the heck do you do with them?  Folks, the flare isn’t big enough that you can’t tuck them into a jacket or sweater sleeve. Promise

long sleeve lace bodysuitSkirt It Up
I love and live in pants and jeans during the winter, but I do get sick of them. When it gets below freezing, I don’t do anything above the knee, even with tights. That’s where my maxi’s come into play. Try styling a bodysuit underneath a dress or skirt. My favorite look for attending any kind of event is a bodysuit with a maxi. Feminine, streamlined and polished with a touch of boheme. If you’re cold even in your long skirt, where fleece lined tights underneath. It’s my savior.

Accessories are my saving grace. When I just feel like wearing jeans, a giant sweater and boots, a bright costume necklace does wonders in transforming a mundane look to pull together. A chunky sweater is an alternative way to accessorize, adding both interest and warmth. Also, on colder days, put on a cute pair of combat or lace-up boots, then pull the whole outfit together by adding a neat pair of socks that have a lace trim or whatnot.

You can find the Serena and Maeve on my web shop, but it’s also available for sale on Haute Flair. They have a great selection of  not just bodysuits – love this one and this one, but also bras and undies.

lace bodysuit

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