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Bra Fittings for Breast Cancer Patients

Bra Fittings for Breast Cancer Patients

bra fitting philadelphiaI saw my mom cry once during her 6 year fight with breast cancer. It wasn’t when she was diagnosed, it wasn’t when she struggled to lift her arm during physical therapy after having her lymph nodes removed, and it wasn’t when she had her port taken in or out. The first time – she was standing in front of the mirror looking at her body after having a double mastectomy and hysterectomy. Wearing a red headed wig, she turned to me, tears welling up and said, “I’m not a woman.”

Cancer, especially breast cancer, hits close to home. Diagnosed when I was just 12 years old, my mom fought a nasty fight with cancer with several stints at MD Anderson Cancer Center – our family simply called it ‘MD’ – her spine collapsing and being paralyzed. Two weeks before my senior prom, she passed away.

Margo was a fighter. After being paralyzed, she was given a 3% chance of walking. Three months later, she walked out of MD Anderson. I could see her leaving the doctors – “Adios!” Even when she was in a wheelchair, she exercised every morning. She passed those fighter genes onto me. Even if it’s a small gesture, I want to fight to find a cure or advocate those people and businesses doing the same.

bra fitting philadelphiaBra fittings – have you ever had one? In an age of bralettes, I think they’re less popular than they once were. I never had one until I got into lingerie. I didn’t feel a need. I could find out my own size, thank you.

A local boutique that recently started carrying Madalynne items (the Nina!), Jay Ann Intimates specializes in bra fittings, and their location at University of Penn Medicine Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine offers fittings for breast cancer patients. Their main focus is women who have or will undergo breast surgery. A mastectomy fitter offers everything from fitting and adjusting their symmetry to finding a comfortable bra they can wear with prostheses. Just like a normal bra fitting for someone who has not had breast surgery, they start by measuring the circumference at the bra band. They then measure from the center of the sternum, over the apex of the breast, under the arm, to the center of the spine. With those measurements, they are able to determine the cup size. After measuring, they then select a style based on the clients needs and preferences. What are their most popular styles? In addition to post breast surgical garments, cami’s with drain management, prosthesis, custom prosthesis, lightweight forms, pocketed swimwear, robes and more, the Almost U Style 1260 is what a lot of women choose. Another popular style? Amoena Mara non-wired bra.

Truly, I am so happy to be one of the many designers carried at Jay Ann. Their and my main goal is is provide symmetry and balance. Because you don’t need underwire to get lift or cleavage, and you don’t have to spend a fortune on a good bra. A huge thank you to Meg from Honest Twenty One, a blogger friend who also works at the Perelman store, for showing me the ropes of bra fittings for breast cancer patients.

Stop by one of Jay Ann’s locations to shop Madalynne Intimates and other lingerie.

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