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Tiny Touches To Make Your Lingerie Festive (But Not Too Festive)

Tiny Touches To Make Your Lingerie Festive (But Not Too Festive)

About 2 months ago, I was asked “to write on any of these topics to help drive holiday traffic” for an online retailer who shall remain nameless:

How to Choose Lingerie Costumes for Christmas and Holiday
How to Style Your Santa Lingerie Costumes for Christmas and Holiday
10 Last Minute Sexy Santa Lingerie Costume Ideas for Christmas and Holiday

Dressing up in a sexy Santa costume might be your thing, but it’s not mine, and I’m not going to write about something that I don’t like or I wouldn’t do. Nothing wrong with it, just ain’t my vibe. However, the question got me thinking about festive lingerie. During the holidays, I get 1-2 holiday outfits to wear to parties and such. A metallic dress, a skirt with some sparkly appliques or a pair of embellished jeans. I try to purchase items that I’ll wear again, not just during December. That means that they have to be festive, but not too festive. Can I do the same for lingerie? I don’t want to go all out and look like Mrs. Clause, but are there minor alterations or changes you can make to your handmade bras and undies that will make get them in the spirit of Christmas? I think so! Read below.

You don’t have to go red on red on red in order to be in the Christmas spirit. Just using red picot and/or shoulder strap elastics is enough. In the photos above and below, I made the Madalynne X Simplicity 8228 and Madalynne X Simplicity 8436 undie using a white lace, cream knit and red picot plush elastic and shoulder strap elastic. Also, think about other colors that you could pair with red. Blush pink would soften up a saturated red and would work for Valentine’s Day too. Emerald green with gold hardware and/or black with navy blue very holiday-esque too.

In my opinion, mo’ sparkle mo’ better. Metallics of any color are a great festive option. In the photos above, I used a metallic blue stretch mesh to make the Noelle, a free PDF pattern that you can download here.  If I’m wearing a sparkly bra, I do try to show it off just a little (why not?) with a V-neck sweater or button down.

This is  my favorite way to make lingerie festive, but not too festive. I found this ‘love’ pendent in the jewelry section at Michaels. They have a ton of other cute pendents that would be good for the holidays, Valentine’s Day or just as a way to take your lingerie up a notch. And cheap too! Just sew it on by hand and voila!

Your turn! Do you have any festive lingerie? Or how do you transform ordinary lingerie into a bra or an undie that’s in the Christmas spirit?

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