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February Snippets: A Floridian Wedding Weekend

February Snippets: A Floridian Wedding Weekend

While nor-easter Riley roared through the north last weekend, I was soaking up sun, mi familia, 70 degree daytime highs and 60 degree nighttime lows. Where was I? My home turf – Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The first of the Flanigan clan to get hitched, my brother and his now wife married in a super small wedding. Congrats to Anne + James!

The ceremony was only a day, that Saturday, with a brunch the day after. My boyfriend and I made a trip out of it, spending 6 days in sunny South Florida (read: away from old man winter). We spent the weekdays working remotely (the perks of owning your own biz), but went out and about at night and on the weekend. Two highlights were Wynwood and flying with my dad. Living in Philadelphia for 8 years, I consider myself a Philadelphian. When I lived in SoFla, Wynwood was just gaining traction. I had never been, and seeing the growth over the past years via Art Basel, bloggers who had visited, friends who had moved there, it was on the top of the list to check out. Glad I did  because it was very, very cool. Like Brooklyn but in the south and cleaner. We hit up Wynwood Brewing Company, Wynwood Walls, Wood Tavern, Gramps (there was a drag show that night), and Coyo for some tacos that were muy bueno! Other places we didn’t get to go to, but were given recommendations – The Salty Donut, Fireman Derek’s Key Lime Pies, Wynwood Kitchen & Bar, and the Old RC Cola Plant.

Another highlight was flying with my dad and Ryan the morning of the wedding. Mi papa has his pilots license and flies a Sport Cruiser. I have a mild case of a fear of heights. I can tolerate it, but I’m very uneasy. Always being one to challenge myself, I played co-pilot for a short trip from KPMP in Pompano Beach to Miami. Oi vey!

Work ethic, rest, and the guilt I and I’m sure many others feel is something I think about a lot. More so now since Madalynne is my full time gig. It’s an inner battle – I feel extreme guilt when I take time off to rest and rejuvenate. So many articles, Instagram posts, and blogs remind us daily to hustle. How good things only come to those who bust their ass; that she who works the longest and the hardest is the one who will succeed. Some of that is true – I believe that you do have to hustle, sacrifice and bust your heiny for what you want, but not 24/7. The problem with me is that my work ethic is attached to my self worth. Nobody’s perfect and it’s something I work on daily and have no reservations sharing. Madalynne is my true passion, it’s what I live and breathe, so it’s hard to not take it personally. These past few months, I would say 6, I’ve taken off more days than I have. I work less than I did a year ago, and aside from my bra workshops, I tune out on weekends (for the most part). You know what? My work has never been better.

This weekend was another reminder that I can hustle, but I can also spend an amazing weekend with friends + family just kickin back, enjoying and appreciating the life I have.

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