Madalynne Intimates is a woman-owned, Philadelphia-based brand offering size inclusive lingerie for all people. Our small team consists of four people and together, we offer DIY lingerie kits, hand crafted lingerie, and online + in-person bra making classes.


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How To Celebrate V-Day for All: Women, Men, Non-Binary and Transgender Valentine’s Day

How To Celebrate V-Day for All: Women, Men, Non-Binary and Transgender Valentine’s Day

As a person and a brand who has learned a lot (thanks to every one who has informed me) and whose goal is to offer lingerie for all people – women, men, queer, non-binary and transgender – it is now more obvious than before that Valentine’s Day carried with it a lot heteronormative gender roles and expectations, and is a celebration that excludes a lot of people who deserve to be loved. A quick look at the Valentine’s Day cards at any drug store and you will see heavy gender stereotypes – cards organized into the standard “For Her” and “For Him” sections. What if you are a non-binary individual in a relationship with someone who lives blurred gender lines? Is there a Valentine‚Äôs Day card for that? 

With all this said, I still want to celebrate, because I’m a damn lingerie designer and brand, and I love all things lingerie. So, I hope that the newest collection of DIY kits is a reminder that Madalynne offers lingerie for all – all sizes, all ethnicities, all ages, all sexualities, all races, and all genders. Shop Madalynne’s DIY lingerie kits or Madalynne RTW wear lingerie this Valentine’s Day and check out some gender neutral gift ideas below.

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Some botanists say that roses are considered hermaphrodites (some think otherwise), which means they’re both male or female or even genderless. They can reproduce sexually and asexually. Some roses need seeds to reproduce while others can shed parts that can be replanted and produce on their own. So, if you’re thinking of flowers for your hunny, swoop up a bouquet of roses.

Genderless or Queer Cards + T-shirt
No Matter The Pronoun, You’re My Favorite
You’re The Only Fish I See
Valentine’s Day Pride T-Shirt
Happy Valentine’s To My Favorite Queer

Queer Chocolatier has been crafting truffles with non-binary people since it started in 2017. Owner Morgan’s main goal is to create a place for chocolates and flavors that are as diverse as the community she serves. Morgan is not only crafts chocolates, baked goods and and more, but supports conversations on gender issues through her blog.

They say that the way to the heart is through the stomach. Let a delicious cake be that heart-felt expression to let your loved one know you care. It can be homemade, or store bought. I recently discovered Goldbelly when my brother, who lives in Florida, wanted a Philly cheese steak for Christmas. They have awesome sweets from bakeries around the country – click here to see.

Bath Bombs
Lush offers bath bombs for both men, women, and anywhere in between. Even if you don’t have a bath, they smell amazing and can serve as potpourri in your bathroom. Shop at Lush stores and online.

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