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Noelle: French Cut Panty Variation

Noelle: French Cut Panty Variation

French cut panties by Madalynne

2020. A lot can, and a lot did, happen in one year. Whether you were furloughed, whether you knew someone who lost their life to COVID-19, or whether you were affected by the uncertain and scary status of the world around you, you looked for comfort – physically and mentally – during one of the most difficult times. Maybe this wasn’t you, maybe you had a great year. I don’t want to speak for everyone, but the general consensus was that. For some, comfort could have been extra-long bubble baths, dyeing your hair, starting a new at-home workout routine. For me, 2020 self-soothing involved sewing – making my own wedding dress, bodysuits, and lots of lingerie. I repeat, lots of lingerie. DIY panties are a great sewing project because their quick (usually 30-45 minutes depending on the size) and fulfilling. The Noelle panties are particularly a great DIY sewing project because so many variations can be made with this one pattern. My newest variation – french cut panties. You may be thinking, “You mean the kind of panties that Jane Fonda used to wear over her leggings?” Correct, I mean those.

The secret behind the these granny panties – yeppers, french cut are a type of granny panties – is that they sit just below the natural waist (about a 1/2″), and don’t cut across the lower belly where people can carry extra weight. The higher cut elongates the leg and makes them look a mile longer than they actually are. They have evolved over the years – more color, sheerer fabrics, cheekier behinds – that make them a great go-to for high-waisted jeans or WFH loungewear.

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What is a French cut? The silhouette is cut high on the leg, distinguishing thigh from hip. On left above is the Noelle panty pattern, which is a bikini cut, as is. On right is the Noelle French cut variation, which as you can see, is cut higher on the leg. The Noelle French cut is just the right height, hitting below the waist at a spot that somehow gives the illusion (or delusion lol) of abs. Because of where they sit in the back, they also make my butt look amazing IMHO.

Noelle variation

Follow the diagram below to make your own French cut Noelle undies. On the front panty pattern, start to curve the line upwards at the point where the crotch lining/gusset. On the back, start to curve the line upwards at the crotch/gusset seam. Ensure that there is a smooth transition from the front leg line to the back leg line by overlapping the front and back patterns 1/2″ at the side seam. There is no change to the leg line where the crotch lining / gusset is.

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