Madalynne Intimates is a woman-owned, Philadelphia-based brand offering size inclusive lingerie for all people. Our small team consists of four people and together, we offer DIY lingerie kits, hand crafted lingerie, and online + in-person bra making classes.


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New Madalynne Lingerie Boutique + Sew Shop

New Madalynne Lingerie Boutique + Sew Shop

Madalynne Intimates and Lingerie Sewing Shop Philadelphia

It’s been 6.5 years since I rented my first studio. It was a true artist studio where I spent weekends (I had a 9-5 gig at the time) making some of my first handmade lingerie. I started teaching out of that studio, but when I took Madalynne full time in August 2016, I moved to MaKen. Home to an array of diverse businesses, being a part of Maken positioned Madalynne as a business and not a sewing blog. Madalynne took another step forward this January when it moved from Kensington, where MaKen is located slightly north of Philadelphia, to Brewerytown, which is in the heart of Philly (it’s near the Rocky Statue and Steps!). From 491 sq ft to 1000 sq ft, the new Madalynne is a lingerie boutique and sew shop with a dressing room, cash wrap (or register), large cutting table, clothing racks, sewing and overlock machines, and much more. Today, I’m giving you a walk through and spilling all the details as well as what will be offered at the new studio + store.

Madalynne Intimates and Lingerie Sewing Shop Philadelphia
Madalynne Intimates and Lingerie Sewing Shop Philadelphia
Madalynne Intimates and Lingerie Sewing Shop Philadelphia

Cash wrap (or register): Custom built by the super talented carpenter, Kevin Keenan. We had a mutual contact from Urban Outfitters (where I worked corporate) who connected us. The cash wrap has 2 shelves to store Madalynne’s retail bags and boxes, and a counter top where the Square point of sale is.

Sign behind cash wrap is from Etsy.

Cutting table: Also custom built by Kevin Keenan. Measuring 8′ x 4′, it has been extremely helpful not only with cutting fabrics and trims for direct orders, but also allowing multiple students at open sews or workshops to work at the same time, and storage (it can fit rolls of fabric + sewing machines underneath!)

Dressing room (or changing room): Another custom build, this time by a family friend in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. It’s a steel, half circle rod – the radius is approximately 56″ – and is only affixed at either end. It has been great to have a dedicated space where students can try on their me-made garments and customers can get fitted for custom lingerie. The curtains are from Wayfair.

Madalynne Intimates and Lingerie Sewing Shop Philadelphia
Madalynne Intimates and Lingerie Sewing Shop Philadelphia

Sewing + overlock machines: Madalynne has a range of PFAFF sewing and overlock machines, which students can try out and purchase directly through Madalynne. If you’re in the market for a new sewing machines, this is an awesome opportunity to try different models on an actual garment rather than scraps of fabric at a sewing dealer. Here are the models that we have:

creative icon™
quilt expression™ 4.2
ambition essential™
passport™ 2.0
coverlock™ 4.0
admire™ air 5000

Retail Racks: Having samples hanging for customers and students to touch, feel and try on styles is great, especially when women aren’t “standard” sizes (which almost all women aren’t!). They can try on a style and we can see what needs to be adjusted. These racks were purchase from Store Supply Warehouse.

Madalynne Intimates and Lingerie Sewing Shop Philadelphia
Madalynne Intimates and Lingerie Sewing Shop Philadelphia

Lockers: A lot of my sewing mistakes happen in transit. When taking projects to and from the studio, pins would come out, linings would get shifted, yada, yada, yada. The solution is lockers. Students keep their projects in lockers between open sew sessions. I purchased them from Amazon.

Madalynne Intimates and Lingerie Sewing Shop Philadelphia

Tracks on the floor: The building was originally constructed in 1922, and served as a warehouse for Harry C. Kahn & Sons furniture retailer. After Harry C. Kahn & Sons closed in 1961, the Pryamid Electric Supply Company purchased the building and occupied it until 2000. From 2000 to 2015, the Pyramid Building sat vacant and became a blank canvas for both local and national graffiti artists (yes, the graffiti is original!). In June 2016, MMPartners acquired the Pyramid Building and transformed it into an mixed use building, but kept many of the original features, including the tracks. You can read more about Pyramid Lofts here.


Bra Making Workshops: From the pink notebooks and matching pink pencils students receive to write notes throughout the day to the dinnerware, glass ware and serve ware from Lenox, Bra Making workshops are fun to put together. I love meeting students and creating an unforgettable sewing experience. So, Bra Making with Madalynne workshops aren’t going anywhere! If anything, they’ll get even more special with more surprises, goodies, freebies, and more. Stay tuned!

1-on-1 Lessons: If a student has a particular goal or can’t make it to a workshop, I suggest scheduling a 1-on-1 lesson. More so than a workshop, a student gets an class tailored to his or her particular needs. Just like workshops, 1-on-1’s will continue!

Bra Fittings + Custom Lingerie: A larger (read: legit) dressing room will allow customers to receive a better fitting experience than having to change behind a partition or in a public bathroom. I’m hoping to have more thorough bra fittings for custom lingerie pieces.

Email Madalynne to schedule a bra fitting

Bachelorette and Birthday Parties, Bridal Showers, Team Building, and Get-Your-Girlfriends-Together-And-Sew: Are you the maid in charge of planning a bridal shower? Is your birthday coming up? Does your team at work need a day off to do something fun? Or maybe you don’t have an excuse but just want to get your girlfriends together and sew a bralette or panty? I can do that for you! If you haven’t noticed, I love party planning and will use any excuse to do so!

Email Madalynne to start planning a party!

Sewing Philadelphia Madalynne Studios
Sewing Philadelphia Madalynne Studios
Sewing Philadelphia Madalynne Studios

Open Sew: Call me cliché, but my overarching vision in this new space is to build a positive, creative and supportive community of makers and provide them with the means/tools/resources to live a more sustainable life. Two to four times a week on both weekdays and weekends, there are open sews as Madalynne where sewists can work on their own projects at their own pace. At just $8 a session – that’s a steal! If you wanted to sign up for the week, it’s $30. A month – $85. You also have access to use PFAFF’s sewing machines, tools, and more. There is a good group of regulars who make each session a blast.

Seasonal/Specialty Classes: If I have the space, why not bring in other cool a** makers and designers to teach? It will get me closer to creating that creative community as well as expose Madalynne to new customers and followers. Some of the classes that are in the works – sandal making, DIY jeans and more. Stay tuned!

Sewing in Philadelphia - learn to sew at Madalynne Studios
Sewing in Philadelphia - learn to sew at Madalynne Studios
Sewing in Philadelphia - learn to sew at Madalynne Studios

Other details + links:

Console table at entrance – Wayfair
Table for Sewing Machines – IKEA
Chairs for Sewing Machine Table – IKEA
Pink Chest – Craigslist
Motorcycle – It’s Ryan’s 1973 CB 500 (yes, we ride it in the summertime)
Vases – Lenox 
Trees + plants – Stump Plants and IKEA
Dress Forms – vintage, Superior Model Form, and Classy Dress Form
Floral Walls – Nicol Floral Design
Balloon Garland – Peonies Events (left up from opening party) 
Wicker chair – vintage
Boob pillow – Society 6 

Sewing in Philadelphia - learn to sew at Madalynne Studios
  • January 29, 2020

    Your space is gorgeous! That wall color is so flattering. What’s with the “dress up” rack? I spy gowns and furs….is this just for fun?

  • February 2, 2020

    Congratulations!!! Your new space looks incredible!

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