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Styling the Suit: Tips for Wearing Bodysuits

Styling the Suit: Tips for Wearing Bodysuits

The bodysuit and its re-introduction to the fashion world is a truly beautiful thing. Why did they go away, anyway? Can someone please, please answer that? They’re a bit of a contradiction. They’re meant to have a lot of coverage, they can also be tight, scandalous and mysterious. A little mystery is alluring, don’t ya think What is an even bigger contradiction is the easiness of planning an outfit around a bodysuit. They’re supposed to be an automatic outfit with just the addition of a pair of pants or a skirt, but in reality, there is a lot of planning that is involved. Raise your hand if you’ve squeezed into a pair of skinny jeans only to check your tush out in the mirror and see VPLs on your oh-so-cute booty. Did you then go through 5 or 6 other outfits before landing on the right one. Been there. Don’t that.

So, in the spirit of this week being all about bodysuit (full tutorial for the center front placket, new bodysuits kits on the webshop, my striped bodysuit), here are some simple tricks to styling the suit: 

  1. With a brief cut bodysuit, meaning that the leg opening is cut higher on your hip, you are going to want to pair it with looser fitting jeans (i.e. boyfriend jeans) or wide leg pants. Both work well with the high cut because they don’t show any lines. Just make sure that they’re high waisted so that the tops of your hips or high hip bone aren’t sticking out. If you want to pull a Kylie Jenner, you could have a little exposure like this, but that’s your call. 
  2. What I like most about high cut bodysuits like the 8435 is that it lengthens your legs.
  3. Thong bodysuits, like view B of the 8435, are perfect for skinny jeans, bodycon skirts or anything you don’t want showing through. You probably could have guessed that.
  4. Bodysuits are a great lounging piece. Worn by itself, with knee highs or with a pair of sweats. It’s an easy peasy, no-fail look that if you get a delivery or have to answer the door, you won’t look like a schlep.
  5. Like Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, you know what goes really well together? Bodsyuits and overalls. Totally loving this look (scroll down to see more related pins).
  6. When it comes to what bra to wear underneath, either embrace it or ditch it. If you need the support and don’t mind showing a hint of lace, own it ladies. A sassy 8436 number is perfect just slightly peaking out. On the other hand if you are a bit smaller and feel comfortable going braless, do it. A little bit of decolletage can be incredibly sexy without going too.

Get your bodysuit making on. Hop on over to web shop to swoop up an 8435 pattern and kit. 

  • July 14, 2017

    I was a teenager in the 70s and had a couple of body suits. I think I bought one and made a couple more. They were wonderful except when it came time to go to the bathroom. Some of them had snaps at the bottom, but others had to be pulled down. Either way increased the amount of time it took for a quick bathroom stop. It was the same problem with can’t-remember-the-name-of-the-things, but a one piece thing with pants and the top sewed together. Some of them were like coveralls, others like shorts and a top sewn together. Eventually, you get tired of being half naked in public restrooms in the middle of winter, lol.

    • Leticia
      July 15, 2017

      Exactly the question I came here to ask. How does one use a public toilet wearing a body suit? Since you can’t sit, even if the thing has snaps at the crotch, you are left with the back piece dangling while holding the front piece and crouching over the toilet. Not a good situation at all. Last time I wore one I was taking ballet and it didn’t even open at the crotch. An even worse situation.

  • July 15, 2017

    I would not feel comfortable answering the door in my bodysuit.

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