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Unboxing PFAFF® creative icon™ Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Unboxing PFAFF® creative icon™ Sewing and Embroidery Machine

PFAFF creative icon sewing machineI remember standing inside J.W. Marriott Las Vegas during PFAFF® annual convention last October when their newest sewing and embroidery machine, the creative icon™, was unveiled.  The big and bright work space, the touchscreen that you can zoom, swipe, and pinch like a tablet, the WiFi, the cloud storage, the IDT™ technology, the 800+ embroidery designs – every single technology that PFAFF® has is in the creative icon™. I was super excited and proud the brand that I represent for releasing what I think is the epitome of sewing machines. The best of the best… the cream of the crop. Can you imagine how I felt when I learned that Madalynne Studios would be getting the creative icon™? A little happy dance and a shimmie. All of my students, who are usually new to sewing, use the brand’s passport 2.0™ , ambition essential™, or quilt expression 4.2™ . Having these three machines is a great opportunity for them to sew on an actual garment rather than on a swatch like he or she would at a dealer. Plus, these machines aren’t intimidating. Now, you might be thinking that the creative icon™ would be way too advanced for a newbie. Not the case. In the short amount of time that I’ve had the creative icon™ , I’ve learned that it is a great machine for every level sewist – someone who has two decades experience and someone who has two week’s experience. Why do I say that? I went from sewing on the brand’s most basic machine to their most advanced machine and it was an seamless transition. Yes, I’ve been sewing for 14 years and have sewn on every type of machine (home + industrial), but the creative icon™ is extremely intuitive despite being advance. The user’s guide, techniques and tutorials, a stabilizer guide – it’s all in the machine. Have a question about Activstitch™? Need to troubleshoot? You literally search the machine just like you would search Google.

Again, I’ve had the creative icon™ for a few weeks and am still learning about it. There are so many features (ahem… embroidered lingerie!) that I’m currently working on and will share soon. Today, I just want to introduce the machine and share a quick unboxing video. I’m also sharing the tutorials that have been extremely helpful for me thus far and my embroidered lingerie inspiration. Stay tuned y’all!


  1. creative icon™ machine specs, features, brochure, etc.
  2. River City Sewing YouTube videos – First look part 1 and Sewing Part 1
  3. PFAFF®’s YouTube machine embroidery series. Even though this is on the creative™1.5, it has been very helpful for me and my students to learn more about embroidery.
  4. Quorn Country Crafts of Loughborough YouTube videos – Top Ten Features, The Screen and Top Ten Features, Active Stitch Technology
  5. Lindee G Videos – Hooping Basics for Machine Embroidery 
  6.  PFAFF®’s YouTube Metal Hoop 180x130mm

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