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What I Made: Rosemary

What I Made: Rosemary

I’ve been trying something new at  workshops – actually sewing with the students. Before, I would demo a few steps and then let students sew on their own while watching over. I changed for 2 reasons. One, because if I can’t do it, how can I expect students to, and two, it allows me to get into the project with them. Also, I never want to be ‘above’ someone. I like to treat everyone as if they’re on the same level as me – that’s a life motto. Last, it allows students to peer over at any time and watch me as I go through the steps. So far, I’ve received great feedback. Students really love seeing me put the project together. We’re in it today. So today, I’m sharing the bodysuit we made at the workshop a 2 weekends ago. Miss the recap? Read here.

all fabric + trims came from an 8435 kit I partnered with The Confident Stitch to offer, which you can buy here.
-1 1/2 YD Designer French Rayon Knit in Cream with Tan Hearts (for self fabric for all pieces)
-2.5 YD picot elastic 3/8″ wide (for leg opening)
-Fusible knit interfacing (for center front placket)
-Cotton jersey (for crotch)

Construction was exactly per the instructions. For those of you who aren’t so good at following written instructions, I have two FULL (and FREE!) tutorial tutorials on how to sew the center front placket and how to sew the snap crotch opening.

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